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Nokian - SKU : T430440

WR G4 - 225/40R18 XL 92V

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225/40R18 XL WR G4

All-Weather High Performance Passenger Car tire Combines All Season Handling and Reliable Winter Grip. Run Flat Technology available on Select Sizes.

  • Modern silica compound performing in all weather conditions twelve months of the year
  • Efficiently routes rain, snow and SLush away from the Contact surface
  • Provide effective longitudinal and lateral grip and acceleration grip on snow
  • Jagged 3D sipes on the center rib, grip the surface to maximize biting Edges while maintaining stable handling
  • As the tire wears, the DSI fades, allowing you to quickly and accurately check tread depth
  • The snowflake symbol is the Winter Safety Indicator (WSI), once the snowflake is worn out, new tires should be purchased to ensure Winter driving safety
  • Lowers noise levels and helps cool tires, reducing wear
  • Nokian Tyres uses only low aromatic, purified oils in productions
  • Meets the required Performance criteria for Use in Severe Snow Conditions
  • All Weather Dual Performance Compound
  • Blade Grooves
  • Centipede siping
  • Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) and Winter Safety Indicator (WSI)
  • Silent Groove design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • UTQG Rating: 500 A A
  • Carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol
  • 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (USA & Canada Only)

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