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Nokian - SKU : T430901

Zline A/S SUV - 255/45R20XL XL 105W

Prix régulier 320,27$ ch.

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255/45R20 XL Zline A/S SUV

All Season Performance Passenger SUV tire. Covers a Wide Range of Luxury Fitments.

  • Improves high speed handling and stability by Reinforcing the angles of the tread Groove, reducing tread squirm and helping to extend tread life
  • Lowers noise levels and helps cool tires, reducing wear
  • Provides unbeatable comfort over bumps and road cracks while reducing tires' heat build up and improving wear characteristics
  • As the tire wears, the DSI fades, allowing you to quickly and accurately check tread depth
  • Main Grooves help expel water from the tire surface while the innovative tread pattern allows the tire to run effortlesSLy on dry or wet roads
  • Sidewall compound that is exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant
  • Nokian Tyres uses only low aromatic, purified oils in production
  • Precision shoulder angle
  • Silent Groove Design
  • Comfort base compound
  • Driving Safety Indicator (DSI)
  • Polished Grooves
  • Aramid sidewall
  • Environmentally friendly
  • UTQG: 500 AA A
  • 40,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (These are halved when used in split fitment/staggered fitments)

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