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Yokohama - SKU : 110175106

iceGUARD G075 - 235/60R17 102T

Prix régulier 205,80$ ch.

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235/60R17 iceGUARD G075

Bluearth Winter Tire for CRossovers and SUVs. Carries the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol and are M&S Rated for Severe Snow Service.

  • Allows for more a stable tread block to keep the car Connected with the road and improves consistency, dry Performance and gas mileage
  • Maximizes road Contact and stability in wet, dry and icy conditions
  • Avoid uneven deflection of blocks by supporting each other, creating more grip for enhanced snow and ice traction
  • Deliver immediate traction during the critical first kilometers of driving by cutting through water, SLush and snow
  • High density, Reinforced compound
  • Extra wide center rib
  • 3D Sipes
  • Micro-diagonal Grooves